Creatively Innovative

Can a word first used in the 1600s be considered innovative?

Creative: having the quality of something created rather than imitated, according to Miriam-Webster’s second definition.

Sounds innovative to me.

What do you remember doing in school? You know, the activities that guided our learning and allowed us to practice new found skills?

Did you read from a text book? Watch the teacher work samples on the overhead projector? Complete workbook pages and worksheets?

Sure we did that! But what did we create?

Still thinking?

So am I.

I’m thinking we did some creating in art. My art projects were just imitations, however, and poor ones at that.

Eventually I created a few writing pieces. Some of which were very creative (oh to be a kid again), and some of which were pretty good.

I can’t really think of what else I might have created in school.

Drama? A mess?

Creative innovation is necessary for students to find relevance and application of knowledge.

Sure, we can make them memorize facts for a test, but how do we move from memorization to learning that can be applied to unknown scenarios?

Students have to be allowed to create within the safety net of education. Create doesn’t always mean success. It means trial, error, reassess, and try again.

Think about the scientific method. What does success mean when using the scientific method? It means completing the steps and getting a final answer.

That final answer may or may not be the answer you were seeking. It isn’t a right or wrong answer. It simply is the answer.

Students are preparing for the future, not the past. The issues and concerns they will be called upon to solve don’t even exist yet.

We need to innovate education. 

But what does that actually look like?

Even more important, are we truly being innovative or simply trying something new to us?


  • ‘Even more important, are we truly being innovative or simply trying something new to us?’
    I’ll mull this over. Thank you for the post.

  • Interesting post; to clarify in my mind, are you conveying your thought about stimulate creativity in your students? Or are you searching yourself to open up to more creativity? Maybe I am totally off, enlighten me. Thank you!

  • so true! Students are preparing for the future so we must be innovative