Create a Messy School House #IMMOOCB1

School vs. Learning…two words that should be synonymous, but maybe aren’t so much.

Good ole Miriam Webster defines school as an organization that provides instruction but learning as the act or experience of one that learns.

School vs Learning.png

This leads me to the question: Is school a place of learning?

School is an organization; learning is an action.

Are students sitting in neatly ordered desks completing worksheets (or “advanced graphic organizers” mass produced) a good example of learning?

Learning is messy. Learning is not sequential. Learning is the realization that we don’t always need to know everything starting from the beginning to complete a task.

Give a student a new piece of technology.

What do they do first? Read the instruction booklet?

Absolutely not!

They turn it on. They start experimenting. And typically, they can use it at its most basic (often advanced) function within minutes.

Does school look like that?

I think it should. Do you?

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