Coffee, Vitamin D, and Never-ending Mercy

newspaper-595478_1280 If we were having coffee, I’d ask if we could find someplace outside to sit. It’s finally starting to warm up some, and I’m ready for some fresh air! We could sit out and enjoy nature, people watch, feel the warm sun bathe us in vitamin D.

Could you pass me the funnies? I don’t feel like any heavy reading today. I just want to soak up some mindless relaxation.

Coffee, cartoons, the sunshine, perhaps even a nap.



My feet stop moving, I’ll be out!

This weekend has been a whirlwind, which is why I’m sharing this coffee with you so late Sunday evening instead of Saturday or Sunday morning when I would rather have sat down with you. 

From sickness, to schedules stacked on top of schedules, to juggling things to go shopping for a Sadie Hawkins dress, to weekend softball practices, to all day youth events at church, to oversleeping because I’m still depleted from being sick…

Yep, I’ve spent all day today yawning.

I don’t think any amount of coffee could do it for me.

But I’m in love with the sunshine! The warmth. The joy. The idea that the mud might begin to harden into firm soil and we might actually get to set foot on a softball field prior to our first game. 😉

I’m waiting in anticipation.

Anticipating green. Not green from St. Patrick’s Day, but green from new birth. We’ve survived the harvest, survived the death and hibernation, now we’re ready to come bursting forth in resurrection.

Lamentations 323

It’s amazing to me how His mercies are new every morning. No matter how many times I struggle with the same dumb, dumb things, He loves me and offers me a new opportunity to make the next right choice again with the sun rise each morning!

 This post is inspired by and shared on Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Part Time Monster. Please drop by and visit the others sharing coffee this week!





  • I think sometimes that I should switch to an evening share for this blog link up and do it as an if we were having a glass of wine today. Sometimes a morning or even early afternoon post is just not going to happen.

    I’m glad you made it this weekend. I’ll look for you again.

  • Sounds like you’ve had a god, but busy, week!