Coffee, Unicorns, Flatulence, & Fundraising

If we were having coffee we might have to extend it to brunch today. Life has been so full and busy that I haven’t had a minute to sit down and chat with you or anyone else! I’d love to catch up on what’s going on in the world around me.

What have I missed? How are things? Beautiful? Crazy? Gray skies? Silver linings? Rainbows and unicorns?


You’re grinning now, aren’t you? Rainbows and unicorns have been my go-to phrase in 7th grade communication arts this past week. My students look at me like I’ve lost my mind, but the glazed over is quickly replaced with looks of “This is gonna be good!”

We’re entering that final push into state mandated standardized testing. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep spirits high and REAL, authentic learning going on in my room.

Students need to be challenged and inspired–not reviewed to death.

Steps down off of high horse rainbow-farting unicorn.

So, really, what has gone on in my life? Teaching and coaching softball.

But really?

My daughter wrote a last minute speech in the fall for the Voice of Democracy speech competition. She won first place at our school and had to record the speech to send on and give it at our Veteran’s Day assembly.


A couple Saturday’s ago, while sick, she had to give it again at the VFW awards ceremony. I would share award pics, but I took them on her good phone camera and she hasn’t sent them to me yet.

Then on the following Monday we received word at school that her nomination and application from our high school had been selected as one of 330 incoming high school juniors in the state of Missouri to attend this year’s Missouri Scholars Academy. The application process is the same as a college application process with the exception of the reference/referral questions. They were tough and many professionals struggled to find the “right” way to answer them!

Lily started telling people the minute her application went in the mail that she was certain she wouldn’t make the cut. We had originally been told she would have to raise or pay $500 to attend if she did get accepted. With community support offered to past candidates and what we felt we could come up with, we felt this was doable. Well, turns out the third ($500) the State of Missouri pays has been froze by our governor. So now the family’s contribution has increased to $1000.

While she is ecstatic to have made the cut and we are very proud, we have less than a month to raise $1000. This is not in our plan or budget. And we are NOT the kind of people who enjoy fundraising. It seems like begging people for money for nothing in return.

So, I’m turning to my blog friends for some help. What could I offer you in exchange for a donation to my daughter’s education? An advertising spot? A guest post? Mine to you or you to mine? Could I craft a Christmas letter for you? Let you co-host #ThursdayTheologyBlogs? Write a birthday post for your child, niece, nephew, parent, etc? A product/book review/promotion? Do some editing?


I need to raise $500 more dollars quickish! My unicorn’s rainbow-colored flatulence is going to turn gray if we can’t find a solution this week and I’m praying someone who can help will see this post and step up to help.

So, what do you do when an unexpected opportunity comes with an unexpected price tag?


  • Well done on your daughter’s achievement and good luck on finding the $500. Money is always short this end so we always seem to be searching to. I hope you find a way. x

  • Glad to hear your daughter did so well! Good luck raising the funds—maybe try running a quick GoFundMe or IndieGoGo campaign.