Coffee Cup Psychology: Contents Trump Presentation Every Time

I missed my post last weekend. I sat down sat the computer on my lap to write it twice, once on Friday and once on Saturday, but couldn’t even find the presence of mind to type one word.

I have managed to write 75% of one post this week and I did manage to get #TheocentricThursdays up and ready by the last minute. Praise be to God that it managed to run itself for a best week ever last week while I was down. I couldn’t BELIEVE how well it did without me promoting and working it.

This week as soon as it went live I started receiving e-mails, PMs, and contact on the blog about last week: Constructive criticism, questions, and positive feedback. I worked my fingers to the bone this Thursday morning. It’s the first time ever I felt like I had “real” blog work and I LOVED it!!!! SQUEEE!

I can’t believe that none of last week’s participants contacted me last weekend. It was totally God’s hand. I wouldn’t have been in the right frame of mind to help anyone in a timely manner. I’m so glad they came back for another week and requested revision!!! Growing pains are GOOD!

So, if you’ve never checked out #TheocentricThursdays, please do so! We’d love to have you join our growing community!


If we were having coffee it wouldn’t taste like the contents of this very disappointing cup I had at IHOP this week. I was so excited when the waitress set the beautiful cream topped concoction down in front of me that I actually paused to shoot a pic before taking a swallow.

Coffee IHOP July 9, 2015The presentation was the only thing good about this Swiss Mocha Coffee.

So, instead, in celebration of this Holter monitor coming off in approximately exactly one hour and fourteen minutes, I’ll make us a GREAT cup of white chocolate cappuccino in a to-go cup from Sam’s Club. Guaranteed to taste awesome and be lacking in presentation. However, if the contents of the cup taste bad, the presentation was a waste of time.

Well, exactly if I have my say.

I told my daughter yesterday when she wondered how long I would be at the hospital to have it removed that I intended to bust through the ER doors and stand there with my shirt raised over my head until they took the itchy, sticky, driving my insane pads off. I would not stop flashing everyone until I was free.


She wants me to take her somewhere out of town, but once she heard my plan for getting them removed at the exact second they can come off she doesn’t want to go with me any more.

I don’t know why a sixteen-year-old girl residing in a VERY small community with a graduating class of around 70 would be embarrassed if her teacher mother behaved that way right inside the sliding glass doors of our VERY small ER. 😉

I mean a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do and I can’t handle the adhesive itchiness! Forty-eight hours was only forty-six hours past my limit. Ok, so I really limited out in 15 minutes, but that’s because I’m already having skin issues.

After all this horribility, (Yes, I can make up words! I’m an English teacher.) this monitor better have found something the EKG, x-rays, and blood work missed. My above normal heart rate, dizziness, headaches, etc. have got to go. I’m tired of hearing, “Everything looks fine.”

Not that I want something to be wrong. I already know SOMETHING is wrong. I want THAT identified and treated so that I don’t have to miss out on life like I did all of last weekend.


So, our week has been a bit crazy. I’m strapped down by electrodes and wires, one kiddo retaking the ASVAB for a higher score to get a specific job (MOS) score they want, us trying to find a house to buy, shuttling two vehicles in and out of various shops for maintenance, tires, and needed repair, realizing any hope for a vacation this year is pretty much shot, the teacher returning to school dreams already starting, and just general LIFE made me shake my head Tuesday and think, “I am a walking prayer request. I wouldn’t even know what to say if someone asked me specifically how they could help or what they could pray for us.”

And then I paused and smiled. Isn’t that true for all of us? Every minute of every day?

Aren’t we all simply walking prayer requests?

Enjoy your coffee this morning. I’ll pray for you, my fellow walking prayer request, over my cup, and if you feel led, feel free to pray for this walking prayer request.


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