Chicks (or Chics) of Hope


For real. This is one of my goals this month.

For every bag purchased from Trades of Hope this month, a chick will be given to a family in Africa. This will provide eggs and food for an entire family. Chickens don’t require much water, and the eat bugs and such.

That means when we donate chicks, we aren’t creating any strain on a family’s already strained resources. Instead, we are truly gifting them hope.


Did I mention that all bags are 20% off this month?

So, yeah, you get a discount and a family gets a chick.

Win-win, right?

But WAIT! That’s not all!

16992237_10211423530971488_3385304148624400825_o.jpgSee that water wheel? She used to carry that on her head. Multiple times a day. Hauling water to sustain her family.

The water wheel is an invention that makes everyday life so much easier and efficient for these women.

All of my sales (YOUR purchases) this month can accumulate to provide a women with a water wheel. SQUUUUUEEEEE!

We get beautiful hand-made items that are providing work for women in poverty and other women in poverty get a water wheel and/or chicks!!!!!

Can you say win-win-win?!?!?!

So, let’s start by sending chicks. Order a bag and send a chick:

March 2017 Bags 20%.jpg

Which bag do you LOVE? Which bag do you have questions about? Share and comment on this post to be entered in a drawing for FREE standard shipping!!!! (Drawing will be held on the last day of the month.)

Want to earn FREE and 1/2 PRICE items WHILE sharing these amazing products with your friends and family? We can host live or online Gatherings of Hope!!!

You can’t beat this deal!!!



  • This is a really neat idea. I would be most interested in the Indian Messenger. Unfortunately, I’m not a position to make this purchase. I pinned it for you though!

    • I received the Indian Messenger bag in my kit to sell from. I got the kit for free because I couldn’t afford to buy either.

      I have carried that bag every day for 2(ish) years. It is just now looking rough! I’m going to have to replace it since I’m embarrassed to show it to anyone who asks if I have it! 😉

      Thank you so much for sharing!