Can a person be so sad their heart literally breaks???

Can a person be so sad their heart literally breaks??? Current mood: sad Category: Religion and Philosophy
As I left our sanctuary tonight (we were finishing up scenery for a Christmas program) my heart was so broken I thought it might bust. I’ve been burdened before (ok, daily about some things) but tonight was different.
I am very sad to say that Satan is trying to destroy something that is very dear to me. Sadder still is that he isn’t working very hard to do it, we’re doing it for him.
I have (and am) prayed and prayed and prayed, yet it seems the more I pray the worse things get. I know better than to ask God why, yet that’s what I’m finding myself wondering. I have begged Him to use me to fix this situation. I have begged Him to move me if that’s what it takes. I have prayed for staying power if that’s what it takes. I don’t know what else to pray.
I won’t say He isn’t answering my prayers….I’m just not certain that I’m interpreting his answers correctly. My heart is heavy and my spirit is finding it difficult to live in joy. Yet scripture says that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. And Paul tells us that he can live in joy whether he is abased or he abounds.
I am, in faith, believing that God has the solution already in progress, it’s the waiting that hurts today. I’m crying out, God. For a miracle only You can provide. I’m believing that you will answer your people. I will trust in you, even while my heart is breaking.