Called to…DUTY?

Do you have time to meet for coffee again this weekend?

Yes? Awesome! Did you have someplace in mind?

I have an odd request, then. Can we take it on the road? I need to get out. To move. To take some pictures, to listen in on some conversations that have nothing to do with anyone I know. To jot down some notes. To get some inspiration after being snowed in for so long.

I need to find my reflection in the body of transportable

I’ve been staring at this computer screen for almost a week solid with nothing worthy of being published to say. And the more I think about it, the more stressed I get about it, the less I can think of to say.

So, I’ve been quiet.

I’ve worked on some formatting and design on the new blog. I’ve done some promotional things. Submitted some “old” work. I’ve tried to distract myself from the fact that every time I sit down to write something new, nothing happens except distractions.

Then yesterday while shopping for art supplies for our daughter, we came across the Kerusso rack at Hobby Lobby. My eye was instantly drawn to this wide band, black stretchy bracelet with thick capital letters proclaiming “CALLED TO” before being folded over the packaging.

I looked at Chris, and asked, “Called to what, I wonder.” While picking up the package to see.

But Chris was busy looking at the items the kids were excited to find, and he didn’t respond to me. I heard another voice, though. The One that has been annoyingly silent this week.

Write and speak. So why are you wasting time?

I’m certain the odd looks thrown my way while standing there had to do with the fact that I’m glaring at this rubber bracelet in my hands, head bobbing back and forth like a dog on a dash, nose snarled, mouthing the words silently, “Write and speak.”

I mean, if it were easy wouldn’t I have done this YEARS ago? I’m trying. I’m trying.

Then Moses said, “If you keep your word and arm yourselves for the lord’s battles, and if your troops cross the Jordan and keep fighting until the lord has driven out his enemies, then you may return when the lord has conquered the land. You will have fulfilled your duty to the lord and to the rest of the people of Israel. And the land on the east side of the Jordan will be your property from the lord. But if you fail to keep your word, then you will have sinned against the lord, and you may be sure that your sin will find you out. Go ahead and build towns for your families and pens for your flocks, but do everything you have promised.” Numbers 32:20-24 NLT

Had I flipped that bracelet over and those three words been on the back, yeah, I don’t know what I would have done. Hit the floor on my knees in repentance, probably.

Still in my defensive, teenage attitude mode, I flip the bracelet over to read “DUTY”. I guess like the game. Ha, God. Take that. Message NOT for me.

Except I looked up the exact definition of DUTY after someone else assumed I was showing them the bracelet I was holding up.

Yeah, not simply specific to the military or a video game.

Called to fulfill an obligation to do the job you’ve been given.


My duty is a different kind of battle.

I suspect the battle looks entirely different right now even than it will in six months. The question is, am I picking up my sword and showing up for duty or am I hiding in a cave pretending there is a battle raging around me?

So, today I need to step out.

Out of the cave and back into the battle. Will you grab a to-go cup and step out with me for our weekend coffee?


  • The first few lines immediately spoke to me. I’ve felt out of sorts about this too. What if THIS idea (feeling empty without anything worthy of writing) could be in fact, three different blog posts? 1) What to do in this type of situation and how to overcome such feelings 2) not looking for kick-ass moments but how ordinary regular moments can be fodder for blog posts and 3) the importance of building a community

    Great stuff!

  • When in doubt, write it down and figure it out later. There is something to be said about ordinary, “nothing” moments. They are some times the most moving moments we can write about.

    I like the idea of getting out and taking notes. Just yesterday I found an old purse sized notebook I used to carry with me for just that purpose. I guess I changed purses and it didn’t make it into the new one. I did find a lot of notes in there and I think they are story starters. The kind that drops in on you when you are sitting at a restaurant and other people come sit at a nearby table and you cannot help hearing their conversation which sparks ideas. Or when you watch a person sitting alone and then they suddenly jump up and leave in a hurry. Where are they off to and what are they about to do? Those kinds of story starters and observations. I hope you got some good notes.

  • Love it

  • I do not know how you manage to do it, but your posts always touch me. This is a great one. I believe that you are definitely called to write and share your beliefs. Even though I am not a religious person, I look forward to your blog. Keep up the great work!

  • If only we could live our lives allowing us to go where the wind blows us! This is such a delightful post. The Red Garter seems cosy and interesting to say the least! 🙂

  • Carrie – forgive me. This is what comes from having too many windows open at the same time! The earlier comment was meant to go on Snarky Momma’s post!! I hope I gave you a giggle! 😉

    Enjoyed that video and yes, each of us must truly discover what we are ‘called to’. I fought my own call to write and speak for too many years too!