Burnless Equals Burn Less

I’ve never truly been a believer of any diet supplement. I have always believed that diet supplements were bad for everyone. 

I still believe this about MOST diet supplements. 

However, I made an error on my autoship for my #liveclean products the end of September. I did not order my Burn

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Can we say loss of energy times a million?!?! I went from going from 4:45 AM until 10 PM with energy left over to barely staying mobile until noon. 

Over a week I have struggled with overwhelming drowsiness. Think two-by-fours rather than toothpicks. Tail dragging. 

I shudder to think I may have been this way all the time before July 1, 2017. It’s true, though. I was. 

I can’t wait to get my Burn back in my system and routine first thing tomorrow morning! I’m tired ? of being ?. 

What is your go to beverage, product, exercise, etc, to boost your metabolism? 

Do you need some pep in your step? I’d ❤️ to offer you a $10 gift card good towards any purchase! I’d especially ❤️ for you to use it to experience the Burn!