Burning Buns Introduction

“Help! My buns are burning!”

Pastor John burst in the back door of newest congregation member, Mary, as he rushed in to see what was happening.

The loud crash, sizzle, and shrieking couldn’t hide the embarrassment of dripping wet, towel clad Mary running from the scene of the fire.

John tried to with all that was holy within him to hold his laughter in. He was the pastor after all, but the humor of the situation took over and John belly laughed as he turned off the oven and carefully collected black buns off of the pristine kitchen floor.

He was putting a broom that he had found back into the broom closet when a quietly weeping, dressed dragged herself back into the kitchen.

“Pastor, I’m so sorry that I’ve destroyed the bread for tonight’s Fishes and Loaves Banquet.”

“Well, Mary, you’ll definitely have the best “how I introduced myself to the new pastor” story to tell tonight.”

I discovered Write Tribe’s Festival of Words-3 today after reading a friend’s post that pointed others back to my blog. In checking it out, I discovered today’s challenge was the first. So, here is my nine line fiction entry. You can read others here.

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

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