Bored to Eating 

I’m sitting on my couch thinking about going to get the pint of Halo Ice Cream out of the freezer. It’s a better choice dessert. 

The thing is, I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. 

But I’m not hungry. 

How do I know?

I just asked myself if I’d like a banana ? for a snack. And decided no because I’m not really hungry enough to eat a whole banana. 

Why, then, am I thinking about ice cream?

I don’t need dessert. I’m not even truly hungry. I’m bored. 

I eat when I’m bored. 

I didn’t bring any work home. I don’t want to do any housework. I’ve got my steps in for the day. We have no tv ? or internet. And, it’s too early to go to bed. 

I don’t need anything to eat. 

How often have I eaten junk just to fill time? How many of these pounds have been put on out of mindless snacking?

I have to get a plan. 

Evenings are getting a little long around here. Now that we’re empty nesters and unable to afford any type of entertainment, I’m getting bored. 

So, I’m taking suggestions. What can I do in the evenings to fill time and keep me from eating?


  • I guess water with a lil vitamin should help

  • Or little homemade fruit cups

  • I never get bored as long as I have books to read, blog posts to write, or a camera and a place to take pictures. The problem is that I like to snack when reading books or blog posts or when watching the little TV I do watch. So I eat a planned meal while watching that one special program a day. I like snacking on grapes, tangerines and salted almonds. And did I mention dark chocolate bark with pumpkin seeds? When It’s hot I do like some vanilla ice cream over a sliced banana, topped with some fresh blueberries and chopped walnuts. That’s my version of a banana split without the sweet syrups. I count it as a meal.

    How do you blog without the internet? Just curious? Do you do everything on a mobile phone?

  • I find reading about a hobby you are interested helps you to pursue it. And writing helps when you want to distract yourself by putting all yr thoughts on paper in front of you. Listening to music. Going for a walk. Its all hard. But small steps start a journey. ?

  • I know exactly what you mean.. I don’t have a minute to spare in a day.. with the little one and the tons of things that I want to do. And I was always upto something. And I NEVER watch TV either.. Still.. When my mind wanders, it looks for food.. And not the healthy options, rather never the healthy options and always the junk… So I know what you mean.. And recipes are not a solution.. May be some breathing practices or yoga can help us get over the power of these hunger cravings.. Do let me know if something really works