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Welcome to my page for book reviews! Most of the reviews here will fall into at least one of two categories: romance or inspirational fiction. Combine the two of them into one novel, and the combination could be amazing!

I do find myself doing reviews on books my middle school or high school students are interested in and that field is wide open. So don’t be surprised if you come here and see a book from a genre you wouldn’t expect me to read, let alone review and post publicly.

I love the written word. I sometimes struggle with the line between my faith and the content in fiction, but I truly believe in freedom of speech. I don’t believe we should censor an author’s original text to fit our individual beliefs. I may not agree with your beliefs, but I think you have the right to have them.

As a professional and an educator, that means I read and analyze texts that don’t align with my personal beliefs. My beliefs don’t take away from creativity, skill, talent, or pure artistic genius. Sometimes my beliefs actually ADD to the effect.

So, while I do request that all comments, conversations, and debates be done in a tone respectful of my Christian beliefs, that does not mean everything I review will be Christian in nature.

If you would like me to review your book, please contact me using the information provided on my Contact Information page. I love discovering new authors and new work.

If you would like to post a book review here as a guest blogger, please contact me using the information found on my Contact Information page. I love to collaborate and trade work!


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