BM Causes Communication Concerns

Ok, so I am supposed to be catching up on my Bible study, but I allowed myself to get distracted by a message in my inbox. It was a good thing, and it drove me back in the Word, but I’m distracted now.

So, I’m thinking about how I highlight and code things in my Bible.

Two Januarys ago I decided to buy a new Bible each year to track what I read. I highlight every scripture that I read and write the date in margin. I also note which scriptures were read for Sunday School, which I would code “10/18 SS”. Sermon references are coded with the date, the pastor’s initials, and AM or PM for service times. I simply date scriptures that I read during my own personal time in the Word.

Recently, however, I joined a Women’s Bible Study group. This Bible study is entrenched with scripture. I’m actually reading the Bible more now than I probably ever have. I’ve been struggling with how to code this reading, though.

Let me explain. This is a Beth Moore Bible Study. If I were to follow my pattern of coding, I would list the date I read the passage (10/18/09), then Beth’s initials (BM), and finally Bible Study (_ _).

Do you see my problem? 😉 I just can’t seem to bring myself to write such vulgar initials in my Bible!!!! So, I’ve chosen to just date the scriptures without indicating why I read them.

While the meaning of the initials is very pure and right, their connotation often is considered gross or “bad”. I would hate for someone to pick up my Bible, read the initials, and get the wrong idea.

How often, however, do our words and actions give off the “wrong idea”? Communicating is not an easy thing to do. It is often that our words and actions get read in a way we did not intend. How can we fix this? We can’t just “omit” them the way I did the initials in my Bible.

Perhaps the question is not how to fix it; perhaps the question is how do we perceive other’s words and actions?