Alpha-to-Omega Apokalupsis

I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like, and when I do get around to posting, they haven’t been very spiritual in nature.

This year for the 2015 edition of A-to-Z Blogging…

Drum roll, please!

We will be walking through the alphabet taking a look at people in the Bible.

So, this year I decided to combine my love for words and my passion for sharing Christ in my A-to-Z Blog Challenge Posts. I am challenging myself to find people in the Word who’s names start with the letter of the day.

I may have to get a little creative some days to make this work, but I have a feeling that amazing things are going to come from this experience!

On top of posting daily, I am also serving as a minion this year. I’m super excited about that! 🙂

I hope to see you around the Challenge! If you haven’t signed up, please use the link to the right to get your name added to the list. We’d love to have you join us.

These are the names I am considering writing about in April. Some of the posts are finished, some are in progress, and some are destined to be changed to something entirely different than what is listed below depending on what God speaks to me.

Please feel free to add suggestions for the letters in the comment section below! I can’t wait to walk from the beginning to the end with you!


Wednesday, April 1st: Adam

Thursday, April 2nd: Boaz, Bartholomew,  Bathsheba

Friday, April 3rd: Caleb

David, Dorcas, Daniel, Deborah, Delilah

Ephraim, Eve,


God, Gabriel, Gideon

Thursday, April 9: Hannah, Hezekiah, Herrod, Haman,

Isaac, Isaiah, Ishmael, Israel,

Joshua, Jeremiah, Joseph, Jezebel

King Solomon,

Luke, Leah

Wednesday, April 15: Martha, Mary, Matthew, Miriam,

Thursday, April 16: Nehemiah,

Friday, April 17: Obadiah, Orpah,

Saturday, April 18: Peter, Paul,

Queen Ruth,

Rachel, Rebecca, Raphael,


Thomas, Timothy, Titus,



Warrior, Wounded, Whale, Whosoever, Witness



Zacchaeus, Zechariah, Zipporah,

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