A Vote a Day Keeps Hunger Away

So, perhaps you’re watching the new series on TV called Resurrection. Well, the series is set in my town, Arcadia, MO, one of three towns that make up our rural community that we refer to as Arcadia Valley.

There has been a faction among us encouraging ABC to film here, promote here, and in essence, resurrect our community.

Well, today an opportunity has released not related to Hollywood, hit television series, encouraging tourism, or boosting the economy in our community. Yet meeting a need so basic that it could make a huge IMPACT in our community.

And YOU can help that opportunity become a reality!

For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. Matthew 25:35 NLT

A couple (literally) of my co-workers started a non-profit organization called Backpack Impact. This organization takes donations to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for students who need meals on the weekends. The food gets packed on Thursday nights by volunteers and then teachers place the bags of food in the student’s backpacks on Fridays.

Apparently, Mr. Buckman applied for Health Mart Pharmacy’s Champions of Care Challenge and he has made it into the top 15! The winner of this “challenge” will receive $30,000 for their organization.

How do they win?

We VOTE! DAILY! Starting today until the 23rd of March to make it into the top 10. After that we’ll vote until March 30th to get into the #1 spot.

I happen to think that feeding the children in our community is huge deal. And you can help! 

Share, share, share!

Let’s push Wade Buckman’s Backpack Impact to the number one spot on day one and keep it there!!!!!