Coffee, Counseling, and Callings


If we were having coffee this weekend I’d sit back and listen to your week. I’d ask about the kids, how work has been going, and simply how you’re doing. Because the truth, sister, is you look tired.

I saw you earlier today, from across the room, smiling and talking to others. Totally appearing as if you had it all together and life was great. Yes, I’m sure they were fooled, but even though we didn’t get a chance to visit, I saw your eyes. I saw the exhaustion, the stress, and was that guilt or regret hiding there in the shadows?

You need someone to talk to. Someone who doesn’t expect you to be little Ms. Goody-Two-Shoes Christian on a stage all the time. I’ve been there. I understand.

The weight of those expectations alone can crush a strong, strong woman. Add to those unrealistic expectations the fact that you can’t talk to anyone about your personal trials, struggles, or current battles with Satan and the spiraling staircase to depression is a short but harsh fall.

So sip, and sulk, and sob on my shoulder. I’ll help you carry the load. I’ll take your reality to the Lord in prayer and He’s the only One I’ll share it with. You’ll find no judgement here. Just a friend who will listen and try not to fix things for you unless help is what you want.

If you’d rather hear me babble for a while I could tell you about my week of snow days. How I’ve graded some papers and not done much of anything else all week.

Oh! Except chase that dream of mine! Scary stuff going on this week, and I’m NOT talking about the snow and ice!

I haven’t talked numbers in a while as I’m trying to focus on quality not quantity, but I’m a little sad that a just a few weeks after rolled over the milestone of 100,000 page views I’ve finally launched my own website.

This is the first blog post on

It feels like starting over, but I know I’m not. All of the awesome friends I’ve made through Daily Musings will make the transition with me, and the new website will open many additional opportunities and doors.

I’ve joined a BETA Tribe with Faithful Bloggers and have spent the week visiting on the forums there. Learning, attempting to encourage others, and making new friends. The BETA group is open until Monday, so if you’re interested you only have a few days left to join! You can join here

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Got a little brave. Almost vomited on my shoes as I replied to an organization that started following and re-tweeting me on Twitter with an offer to chat about being a speaker at their event this fall. I’m not sure I would be a fit. Definitely not sure they even need anyone else, but the timing, and the way it came about, and the fact that I keep hearing a whisper telling me it’s time…

Well, please pray for me. I have no idea what I’m doing here. I’m way out of my element. But since I’m feeling brave and stepping out, maybe you’re planning a women’s event or youth event and could help me get started?

Maybe we should have stuck to talking about you today. 😀

Anyway, if you haven’t had a chance yet, please take some time to read posts from yesterdays #1000Speak event. Bloggers from around the world attempted to flood the internet with posts about compassion. Some amazing things were said, inspired, and shared yesterday. But compassion isn’t a single day event. Compassion truly does create community!

I’m so glad YOU’RE part of my community!


Thank you to Part Time Monster for hosting #WeekendCoffeeShare!

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  • Carrie,
    Totally love the layout of your new blog, and your posts. Was looking at them from the side and they all look have great titles and promise to offer something to every one who stops by! Great job!
    I did a talk yesterday and was a little psyched out because I have really high expectations for myself. So I kind of saw all my glaring errors when I didn’t hear the whole question and only answered part of it. Satan had me second guessing myself and for a bit (before I found my laughter again!) I felt an alarm–I can’t cope with hearing loss and interviews. It was silly! When I heard the question, I answered it well! But when I didn’t and was guessing….whew! Either the audience thought I was on drugs or it was clear I had only only heard a few words! I confused being a perfectionist with being a professional. They really aren’t the same. 🙂 I just have to realize things went pretty well for me being hard of hearing! 😀

    • Amy,

      “Either the audience thought I was on drugs or it was clear I had only heard a few words!” Oh my! Did you say that line out loud during the interview? Number one then they would have known what was going on, and number two everyone would have been rolling on the floor laughing! You have such a gift to be able to write your vision of humor in situations where many would let their embarrassment shut them down.

  • The new blog looks nice!

    We’re trying to have a relaxing day, as Little Jedi isn’t feeling so well today, so lots of resting!

    • Diana,

      Thank you for that. I hope you had a restful day and that the little one got to feeling better. We’ve had two teenagers that have both had flu for the first time ever this year. Not fun at all.

  • You write beautifully. I love how you pointed out the importance of community in this post!
    Visiting from and would love a visit back (:

    • Andie,

      What a sweet thing to say! I, however, have no de-cluttering bone in my body. I could be convinced to be very inspired to feed someone who would come help me do it, though. (Help being a code word for do it for me.)

  • I really felt that I was having a coffee with you just now, what a wonderful gift you have. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  • Wonderful post! We all need that friend that can see beyond what we’re portraying and listen. Your new site looks great and how awesome that you got this opportunity to be a guest speaker. You’ll do terrific! Thank you for linking up at Thursday Favorite Things and hope to see you again!