3 Tips to Start Today 

I can’t start this week. We have a family reunion and there will be too many foods I’ve waited a year to have again. 

Next week won’t work because it’s my kiddos birthday and we’ll serve all kinds of foods and snacks that don’t meet diet restrictions. I can’t be expected to make and buy everything and then not eat anything. 

I’ll start Monday. 

Monday after work:

Co-worker: We’re going for appetizers and drinks after work to celebrate the new account!

Me: Well, I’ll try again next week. 

Fast forward 5 years and I’m still looking for the “right” time to start. 

I’m not alone, am I?

There are a million and two excuses for why we can’t start getting healthy TODAY. Each one of them can be used to rationalize our bad behavior. 

My most recent excuse?

I can’t afford to buy healthy foods and supplements. 

We’re making 2 house payments on drastically reduced pay while trying to figure out how to support a child attending out-of-state university. 

Ramen noodles is pushing my food budget. 


But I decided. I’m not going to be obese for my son’s wedding. Based on progress I’ll still be overweight, but I won’t be obese. 

This was me last fall at his Basic Training graduation. 

I won’t look like that in December. 

I refuse. 

So, how am I working towards that reality?

1) Grace. My process doesn’t have to be perfect. I can cheat. I can have the birthday cake ? if I choose to. I might not get all my steps in every day. It’s ok. I did some. 

2) Persistence. Just start over each day. I don’t have to do this for 90 days all at once. I just have to do it today. Yesterday’s over. Tomorrow will take care of itself. 

3) Planning. I can’t just hope something healthy to eat will come along. I have to think about it and be prepared. Make sure to schedule in time to walk. 

When you look at these three steps it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. It seems doable! We can do anything for one day!!!

So, what’s keeping you from starting today? If you’re already started, what would you add to my list?

Let’s do this together!


  • For a minute there I thought you were in my head!
    Good luck to you!

  • Thanks for these posts. They are so motivating because I can relate to all that you say. That tomorrow that never comes, the irritation at having having to prepare healthy food, those million and one excuses! It helps to know that I am not alone and I feel that if you can do it, so can I!

  • queenof5dollarbling

    Can I choose all the things you listed? And you’re right it is one day at a time. I also haven’t done good and I am out of my products I use to lose weight and I haven’t been able to eat the way I should as my dad is visiting and doesn’t come that often and doesn’t get the Foods he enjoys as he lives by himself. So I have put everything on hold until Monday so I can just enjoy my dad’s visit. Although I have been trying and walking at least 3,00o steps a day which is no, where what I need or usually try and get. But at this point it is all in God’s hands.

  • Good post. Just keep on keeping on. And my mantra this year: Just don’t quit.

  • I sooo relate to this. And my son’s birthday is next week too! Every day the struggle is real but we will get there. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself as you take this journey on.

  • Oh my. You are in my head. There’s always an excuse but, nevertheless, let’s go for it!!!

  • There’s no day like today. Even if we just cut out ONE LITTLE item. It’s a start.

  • So true, Carrie! Thanks for being so transparent!!!! So fun to be back on your blog today!

  • Congratulations on making changes!! Deciding and then doing it can be so hard. I lost weight and now am trying to maintain it through the comfort food season before I will decide if I want to lose more. Part of my arsenal is hygge-ing my life in every way I can. Winter is a formidable foe. Thanks for your encouragement in this post!

  • Gradual changes worked best for me. My husband wants to eat more beef, and I eat more chicken, so we started eating our main meal of the day separately. Aside from the beef / chicken difference, we both try to eat more whole foods, unprocessed except for the process of basic cooking. We’ve almost completely cut out gluten, pasta, break (except for gluten-free) and high fructose corn syrup. My basic diet foods are all foods I like and that are quick and easy to assemble: lettuce, sweet red bell pepper, olives, artichoke hearts, almonds, bean sprouts, white beans, grilled chicken strips from Costco with no added preservatives, fresh fruits, including lots of apples, bananas, and blueberries, avocados, oats, walnuts, dried prunes, sweet potatoes, salmon, and brown rice.

    I’ve been eating this way for a couple of years now. Yesterday I was at the doctor’s office. She told me that in those two years I’ve lost 20 pounds. It was so gradual, I hardly noticed. I weigh in every morning before I eat and dress. If I appear to be going in the wrong direction I try to correct my diet for the day.

    Do I cheat? Of course, especially if I have dark chocolate in the house. We bought a pumpkin pie at Costco last night. I’ve had a piece and a half spread out over two days, and some of the dark chocolate bark with pumpkin seeds. Maybe too much of the latter. When it’s hot I have some plain vanilla ice cream with few artificial ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup. Under it I may put a slice banana. Over it I sprinkle fresh blueberries and chopped walnuts or toasted almonds. During the summer I sometimes had angel cake chunks, blueberries, strawberries and nuts with some vanilla ice cream on top. Sometimes I’ll have a piece of fruit with some gingersnaps for dessert at night. Having these sweets keeps my sweet tooth happy without making me gain weight.

    I think gradual weight loss caused by changing to a healthier diet works best and helps keep off the weight you lose.

    • Gradual weight loss is best all the way around. It’s more likely to stay off if we do it slowly.

      I, too, am eating Whole Foods. I’m following a Mediterranean diet.

      Also, have you heard of Halo ? brand of ice cream? If not, you should definitely check it out!

  • Good for you! I have been swimming every day (well 5-6 days a week) since mid April and I’m freaking out because our local pool will be closing for the winter. I have been so diligent with my routine because I am putting myself first! You can do it. I feel so much better EVERY SINGLE day! Thanks for the post!

  • I like your thinking! Go simple and take one step at a time! Looking forward to your December photo!