Sometimes We Get Lost

Weekends are for wandering. 

And that’s exactly how we’ve spent them since moving to a new community in July. While paying 2 house payments, we haven’t been able to afford tv of any kind or internet. So, we find somewhere to explore and hike on the weekends. 

These wanderings help me to reach my daily step count while also helping us to get to know our community. 

One of our first journeys was to look for a pond near Ball Mill. Yeah, this day, and path, sure didn’t take us where we thought it would. 

I did find this awesome red outbuilding, though!

The truth is we never know for sure where the trail will lead us. 

But with perseverance we usually find what we’re looking for!

Side note: We did find the pond a week or two later. We walked through weeds as high as our heads, but we found it.