Physical Nostalgia 

Long-gone moments. 

If only I could go back to that time/place because I miss it, not because I wish I could do something differently. 

You know those moments, don’t you? 

I have really been thinking about a time I was happy with my body.  Not someone else was happy with my body, but that I myself was truly happy with my own body. 

I can’t come up with a time. 

Yes, I can wish myself back to the body I had when I got married. Compared to my body now, it was AWESOME! But the truth is I wasn’t happy with it then. I hadn’t been happy with it ever before then, nor since then. 

Do you have a sense of nostalgia over a past version of your body? If so, when would you like to go back to? Why that version of yourself?

I went from skinny, scrawny (peers called me anorexic) to overweight to straight up obese. I somehow managed to skip the sweet spot altogether. 

Now, as I work to reduce my obesity to simply overweight, I have to fight off thoughts that last time I focused on getting healthy my starting weight was 20 pounds less than it is now. 

Nostalgic for that body?

In comparison to today’s version, yes, but in comparison to the view from 180, no. It’s never been my healthy weight, just my hefty weight. 

So, if we’re thinking nostalgia, how do we focus on where we’re going with our body rather than all the missteps we’ve taken up to this point?

I’d ❤️ to hear your suggestions!


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  • Hi Carrie,
    For me, it was 2010. I really liked my body then. I was running every day, was dating someone i thought was cool (albeit someone who lived too far away). I could fit into shorts I wore at college. But fast forward to losing my mother this summer and I stopped running all together. I think it’s envisioning what you want to be and having a buddy to work out with you or be an accountability partner that helps it succeed. Good Luck!

  • I think it’s a great point that there is never a time we feel great about our body. I’m not sure I ever was either! I think we always see the flaws and need to just love the body we have as God’s temple. thanks for sharing so honestly about your thoughts.

    • Thank you for stopping by to chat! I appreciate it so much!

      I have spent many an hour contemplating my body as God’s temple. What would I want God to live in? What does God expect to live in? Does gluttony impact the temple more or less than nicotine? Does alcohol impact the temple more or less than tattoos?

      I’ve come to the conclusion that God wants me to bring Him my best. I have to answer for that definition of “best”. My definition can’t be used to hold any one else to as a standard.

      Wow. I’m really thinking now. I’m super glad you stopped by!!!!!!

  • There was a time when I was 30 kgs lighter and I could dance all night. Now because of my weight it is difficult to walk without pain. I want to be that dancing me again. Yesterday someone asked me, “why do you want to eat healthy and walk and do yoga? Are you planning to live till you are 300?”
    I said, “No, but as long as I am alive, I want to be able to live fully. I want to dance and run and be independent. I don’t want to depend on anyone else to help me get from one place to another.”